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Personal Injury Attorney Metairie Gives Clients Peace of Mind

For peace of mind, hire a personal injury attorney Metairie who is a strong advocate and will get the job done to your satisfaction without drama and worry. Peyton Burkhalter is a true professional willing to go the extra mile to satisfy his clients. He is relentless in the pursuit of justice.

He has extensive experience with numerous positive testimonials to his credit. As a former insurance adjuster, Peyton Burkhalter is familiar with the techniques of insurance adjustors in personal injury cases. He has successfully tried many types of personal injury cases over the last twenty years. The results have been astonishing. His clients have received large settlements so they could put their lives back together again, pay doctor’s bills, compensate for loss wages, pain and suffering relief, and counseling.

Peyton Burkhalter aggressively defends his client’s interest, so they will win their court settlement thus maintaining the dignity and respect of going back to live a normal life with their family. Peyton Burkhalter Law welcomes new clients. He will take the time to work on a one-to-one basis to develop a legal strategy to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. For more information to schedule a free consultation, visit