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How Getting a DUI While on Probation Can Affect You

Imagine you have been charged with a DUI while already being on probation for a previous offense. You may feel like you are stuck in a hopeless situation with no way out. What are the consequences of this mistake? Will you be able to regain your probation and move on with your life, or will this situation lead to even more trouble?

Violation of Probation

Getting charged with a DUI while on probation can be a violation of your probation terms. Probation is a period of time where you are required to follow a set of specific conditions set by the court. These conditions usually include not committing any new criminal offenses. Any violation, such as getting a DUI, can put you in a serious predicament. Since violation of probation is considered a criminal charge, you will face additional legal trouble on top of the DUI.

Consequences of Violating Probation

The consequences of violating your probation can vary depending on different factors, such as the specific terms of your probation, your criminal record, and the state where you were charged. However, the penalties can be severe. Some of these consequences include:

Revocation of Probation:

If you are found guilty of violating probation, the court may revoke your probation, meaning you will be sent back to jail or prison to serve the original sentence. The judge can sentence you to the maximum penalty allowable by law for the original crime you were convicted of to begin with.

Additional Jail Time:

In addition to having your probation revoked, the court can sentence you to additional jail time for violating your probation. Your additional jail time will depend on how severe your violation was and the discretion of the judge.


You will be required to pay additional fines for violating the terms of your probation. These fines can be significant, with some states requiring even more than the original crime’s fine.

Extended Probation:

The court may choose to extend your probationary period as a consequence for violating probation.

Installation of Ignition Interlock Devices:

You may be required to install an ignition interlock device on your car which will prevent it from starting until you pass a breathalyzer test.


Getting a DUI while on probation can lead to serious, long-term consequences. It is important to understand the legal repercussions of violating probation before taking any action. Any mistake or violation can result in not only additional jail time but can also damage the reputation and opportunities of the individual.

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