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"Kolsrud Law Offices: Dedicated Representation for Federal Crimes in Arizona"

The Federal Criminal Process: Understanding the Perspective of Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys

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Description of the Criminal Process

This volume offers an insightful examination of the Federal criminal process as viewed from the perspective of prosecutors and defense attorneys responsible for developing and resolving criminal cases at the trial level. The focus is on providing relevant insights on the criminal process that practitioners can utilize when arguing their cases and advancing their claims of proof.

Concepts Relevant to Practitioners

The author takes a deep dive into the most relevant aspects of the criminal process as viewed through the eyes of the practitioner. This includes a detailed description of the legal and practice challenges that attorneys face as they assert and prove claims at each stage of the Federal criminal process.

Focus on Advocacy Skills

The discussion describes how litigating attorneys develop and articulate their case theories, the burdens of proof they confront, as well as the various advocacy skills that they must rely on when presenting evidence to a judge or jury. The author also provides detailed insights into how prosecutors and defense attorneys identify issues to be proven, and the techniques that they employ at each stage of the process – from the initial charging decision to the determination of the sentence.

Key Sections

This volume is divided into several key sections that provide a comprehensive overview of the Federal criminal process. These sections include:

  • Case theory
  • The burden of proof
  • The assertion of claims
  • Proof
  • The stages of a police-initiated case
  • The stages of a prosecutor-initiated case

The book also includes helpful case examples, footnotes, a table of statutes and rules, a table of cases, and index.

Opinion Editorial

This compelling book provides a comprehensive overview of the Federal criminal process, with a particular emphasis on the perspectives of prosecutors and defense attorneys. It is a must-read for any legal practitioner who seeks to have a deeper understanding of the legal and practical challenges that arise when litigating criminal cases in Federal court.

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